1 Birthday 1 Road Trip 2 Venues - By Grant Wallis

1 Birthday 1 Road Trip 2 Venues - By Grant Wallis

Part 1

So last Monday myself and Ryan Kellett set off on a fishing road trip for my birthday session, first stop was Linear Fishery in hope of getting on St. John’s or Oxlease’s but due to a number of reasons we couldn’t  so the first 36 hours was spent on a packed out B1 with only around 5 empty swims! So moving to get on the fish was not an option so we sat it out, and  in the end I did manage to grab a nice Mirror mid-day on the second day, but on the whole was very quite so a move was in order at this point, B2 was closed for weed cutting , St. John’s hadn’t seen a fish in 3/4 days and most the other lakes were packed. Nonetheless after an hour or two mooching round we found a couple of swims on Hardwick & Smiths with a couple of fish showing so off we went.

Managed to get set up and rods in just before dark and after finding a few hard spots and putting a bit of bait out we soon had a fish on the bank in the shape of a stocky Common caught on a nutty capsule filled with Cheshire particle.

Over the next 36 hours I managed another stunning Scaley Mirror lost a better Common to the weed and bagged a cheeky little Tench, Ryan also bagged a Tench on the last morning not quite the St. John’s monsters we were after but a couple of stunning fish nevertheless.

Part 1 Pictures Cont… Happy Birthday To Me



Part 2… 1 Birthday 1 Road Trip 2 Venues – By Grant Wallis

Part 2 of the birthday session last week was a trip to Drayton on the way back from Linear. And after finally getting all the kit round to the pegs it didn’t disappoint with plenty of runs, it’s always a good crack down there great for a social and getting a bend in the rods. Most fish came to a large baited area of Cheshire particles and  Tigers over the top. Had tonnes of fish between us, here are a few of them. Looking forward to the NWCM now down at Clear Waters at the end of the month… “Good times”







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