All Rounders-By Danny's Angling Blog

All Rounders-By Danny's Angling Blog

Welcome to my first article for Cheshire Particle. I am an angler who primarily fishes rivers for dace, roach and chub but I also do like to add variety to my fishing with trips for carp, tench and silvers on the local canals, lakes, pits and commercial fisheries. Through out all this fishing hemp seed plays a vital role for me and it is a bait I would not be without on the bank as I feel its holding properties and ability to single out better fish is unrivalled. When I was approached recently by Mark around us working together with his particles I was excited as to how his methods of producing the bait and additional products like hemp oil could enhance my fishing.

I began making plans for how I wanted to use the hemp and hemp oil and I have to be honest the river angler in me was dying to get out on the river for a go for the roach but with the rivers closed I settled for the next best thing and headed to a Commercial I knew had a good pedigree for silver fishing and in particular for that lovely fish the roach. Arriving on the fishery we scanned the selection of pools set in the Cheshire plains near Tattenhall and we chose to fish pool 5. My plan for then session was simple and it was to fish a ground bait line. The mix on the day was dynamite silver fish ground bait prepped and put through a riddle and then loaded with castor, Cheshire particle hemp and right at the end I added the hemp oil to give to that boost.

When fishing I always think about how the fish I am fishing for feeds and with silvers there are simply two abilities they use, sight and smell, for sight I was using a light rig so the castor would fall slowly through the water column allowing fish as much time a as possible to see the bait falling and for smell the Cheshire Particle Hemp oil would draw the fish in. This gave me a lovely ground bait that was packed with all my feed but one that oozed with the smell of hemp.I began by feeding two large balls of ground bait into the swim and then topped the swim up each cast with a nugget of the ground bait fed by a kinder pot on the pole.

I started at dead depth with castor on the hook and was instantly into small roach over the bed of ground bait I had fed minutes earlier. The roach in this fishery are real corkers and the average stamp is really good and these fish soon started to come steady to the nuggets of heady hemp rich ground bait I knew feeding on the day would be key and also knowing the fishery I also knew the silvers would come up in the water layers but the better roach would be on the bottom. Feeding the ground bait kept a good bed of feed on the bottom whilst lose feeding castor kept the fish competing. Quality roach coming steady I was soon thinking that I was on for a good net of fish.

Alternating on the day between fishing on the drop in the upper layers and then trying on the bed of bait that had settled on the bottom kept the fish coming steady and as the swim built so the better silvers like hybrids and bream moved in on the act.The swim towards the end did go through a lull and my suspicions of an early season carp moving in where confirmed when a delicate bite soon saw my light drennan aqua elastic zipping out of the pole at an alarming rate. In short there was only one winner and I was glad it had taken so long for them to move in as it was right on packing up time and I had already had the best of the fishing for the silvers.

The final net went on the scales at just over 22lb of roach and skimmers and it was a fantastic days Spring fishing on this venue. I was really impressed with the quality of the hemp seed and the job the hemp oil did in adding that extra attraction to the mix. The carp moving in towards the end showed that the seasons are changing slowly and they need to be worried as I am already compiling a heady hemp seed based plan for their down fall.
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