All Things Particle and Nuts

All Things Particle and Nuts

Spring’s a time when fish emerge from their winter dormant state to go foraging for food, and anglers start their pre baiting campaigns and priming spots for the season ahead. Today anglers opt more for the particle option for their baiting strategies because it’s cheaper, thus in return gets a generous amount of feed out but without the massive cost of boilie only approach while able to incorporate nuts for hook bait options,

Purchasing Your Components
With so many bait companies spread across the UK and Europe offering a wide range of products, along with a vast mix of bait feed combinations, which do you, choose? Simple, choose a reliable source with a good reputation for service and quality. It’s a regular thing for some anglers to prepare and cook their own, but time and depending on their planned session can be an issue turning inconvenient for many. You intend on preparing your own then it’s vital the right quality components are used.

Note: Since brexit, certain quality components are difficult to purchase, however, not for most reputable suppliers. Some pet food outlets supply specific low-grade components and ingredients that are basically aimed at bird and chicken feed where quality is not prioritised like that of companies with high standards. Many will have already purchased these especially hemp, 
a common particle found in many anglers armoury or in conjunction with other components they use. Their hemp is low grade and no matter how long it’s soaked, (guideline of 14-16 hours soaking period), where longer periods of soaking and cooking for other components should be taken note of, it still won't split, correct? The number of anglers, who’ve failed miserably and lost a considerable amount of money doing this, is high. Pigeon conditioner is cheap but has near to none nutritional purposes for fish. red band type conditioner with the main attractant (aniseed overtones) is probably the better of that type of mix but still not of a high quality..Quality components fully prepared that consist of plenty of nutrition and grubbing properties will get your angling experience off to a good start, and for what... a few pennies more without the hassle.

The Right Tools 
It’s essential throughout any part of the processes the correct equipment is used, such as soaking and cooking vessels.   
Particle tends to swell doubling in size, so therefore ample space is needed to allow for this if you’re to get the best from the mix or blend. Quality ensures confidence in your product, whether it’s particle, nut or pulse. Fish welfare is paramount, so adhere to the guidelines and beyond during preparation and cooking processes.
The last thing you want is dead carp on your hands. If you lack confidence with any procedures, the top rule is to leave it to them that know.
Look towards a company that has achieved a reputation for service and quality at reasonable prices. Products of this stature will enhance and make any angling experience all the more enjoyable. Remember catching fish is a bonus, where you’re likely to bag a few if you apply and execute baits correctly. We fish because it's our passion, and catching them is our goal, so look after them and they’ll look after you for years to come. Carry a medical kit in case of mouth and body damage while they’re in your possession on the bank, because, what’s the point of quality bait without compassion and care.

Good luck we all need luck at times.

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