Back In The Game - By Rob Bugsy Burrows

Back In The Game - By Rob Bugsy Burrows

So while struggling over the last few months with work commitments and family life, my fishing had took a back seat somewhat, as to where my angling exploits where diminished to say the least. But knowing what i loved and adored, I had to get my head back in the game.

While chatting to Mark over one thing and another over the last few months and with some newly released products, it give me a new plan, a new direction and a new approach to focus on.

With the opportunity of a place on the Eric's stand at the NAS, again this put my mind and mindset back to where it should be, and to where I think it should be as i was without doubt loosing the direction and and focus of the game i love while giving an outlook and focus back on the fishing.
As previously mentioned, I have been in close contact with Mark while being involved in the development of the new range of boosters, which I must say, they are extremely divine where they are all smelling sublime with bags of attraction and the PVA friendly aspect to them.

After a long spell of not being on the bank and a day on the Eric’s stand at the Northern Angling Show and with the new PVA booster liquid (sweet maple) i knew it would dominate on my favourite lake, therefore i was soon booked on a peg on Monument 2 on the RH fisheries complex. excited to get out the planning began weeks before, keeping my eyes on the weather, catch reports, air pressure and well with such cold conditions i knew that the temperature would have to rise, so after putting in my order with mark, consisting of 5 kilo of hemp and tigers and of course the new sweet maple liquid!!

the combination was just perfect! the smell i had been trying to create for a good while was now available to me from Cheshire Particle! Well we couldn’t of had worst conditions in the run up to my session, with snow and high winds and consistent cold weather meant that while i was kept checking the fisheries facebook page, only too see a week before my session the lake had closed due to reopen on the day i arrived! i kept a close eye on the weather conditions and to my surprise the weather was warming up, not significantly but it only takes a few degrees to get that water warmed up and the carp moving round, i knew the fish hadn’t be fed or fished for, for over a week, i was hoping this would mean they would be hungry! so i was going in fishing it with my warmer weather tactics, 6 spombs of bait (hemp and tigers and B-caramel boilies glugged in the sweet maple liquid) over each rod and 3 more after every fish! after an early start it was time to drive down there, an hour and half past nice and quickly, driving past flooded fields, huge frozen snow mounds on the side of the roads. But safe to say the fishery looked just as good as it ever had! after catching up with the bailif and two other lads fishing the lakes and having a quick coffee while the rain passed, the weather was certainly tropical compared to what we had in the previous weeks. after setting up i had wrapped the rods up and the spomb, and knew the spot i wanted to fish, after getting the rods out and baiting over the top i wasn’t expecting anything on the Saturday as its usually a quiet day with only the odd straggler coming out early morning, well at 12:20pm Saturday after noon the rod screamed off! i landed a stunning chunky 21lb mirror carp!

thanks to the lads next door fishing peg 10 who where kind enough to do pictures, after slipping this one back i applied 3 more spombs over the spot as they certainly where on the feed. after a pot noodle and a few Facebook messages and that i thought i would have a little nap which was interrupted around 2 o’clock by another one toner, resulting in a beautiful fin perfect common at 12lb.

back out the rod went with a fresh bait and another 3 spombs of the good stuff went over the spot! A few hours had passed and after a cheese and ham toasty and another pot noodle i felt happy with 2 fish under my belt going into the night with what usually is the more productive day of the two, i was getting comfy in bed with the carp cast radio on, when around 8:20pm the bobbin pulled up tight, i was soon out and lifted in to the fish which fought like a train! resulting in an absolute plump and round discus shaped mirror carp weighing 20lb!!

after getting it returned safe and sound and the rods back out on the spot and another 3 spombs over the spot meant i was going into the night with confidence through the roof! 1:40am absolute screaming take! first night bite in a good few months i jumped up dazed and confused! sliding into my fishing crocs! and faffing round with my head torch, i got to the rod and as i lifted in to the fish the line went slack! i reeled in like a mad man to make sure it wasn’t swimming towards me! Unfortunately i had lost the fish after taking a good few minutes to wake up and realise what was going i got that sinking sick feeling in the pit of my stomach gutted that it could have been one of the big girls!! the weather has closed in once again during the night with temperatures dropping and wind getting stronger the fog had also came down making it almost impossible for me to see my far bank marker! waking up on the Sunday morning, fog thick and no sign of the sun it was certainly going to be here for the morning, i reeled the rods in sound 10:30am and re baited the rigs, they went back out on the spot with another 3 spombs over the top! with only one other fish coming from the lake meaning only 4 fish over the two lakes, 3 of them being mine showed that the fishing was still difficult, but with good high quality baits and a slight temperature increase i certainly think it made them feed, i found the other anglers on the lake wasn’t putting any bait out fishing single or stringers, where as i had approached the lake like i would in the warmer months feeding them keeping them on the spot!

Once again thank you to Cheshire Particle for their excellent quality products and not to mention the stunning new booster sweet maple that pulled everything together just as i wanted.

Good Luck for the season ahead i am now back in the game.

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