Braving The Conditions The Rewards Are Sweet - By Cheshire Particle

Braving The Conditions The Rewards Are Sweet - By Cheshire Particle

While we were all tooked up at home with the heating on full blast yesterday, avoiding the lashing rain and high winds, that man Danny Bellfield never ceases to grab an opportunity and get out on the bank in search of fish. 
Up at 3.30am with nearly a two hour round trip drive, along with a twenty minute bank walk to his desired peg along the river Ribble, you would say, the man is not in his right mind, but this is what Danny does week in week out and what sets him apart from others.
Finding the conditions challenging to say the least, where the wind and river tow literally blowing his float back to the bank, just trying to prime his spot was a challenge in itself. His perseverance and determination never cease to amaze.

Feeding our hemp to his somewhat difficult spot, the bites did start to come, although still finding it hard to recast and hold his spot, he was duly and very rightly rewarded for his determined efforts in what was a freakish day to say the least.

Danny continued to net fish and it wasn't before long that his day was sealed for what many other anglers would have simply said, not a chance am I going in this. To his delight, his float disappeared under the current and his rod tip arched over like no other on the day, to then see a specimen roach rise to the top, in the gusting wind and rain he slipped his net under a beautiful 2lb 1oz silver bodied red finned Roach.
You can only imagine the delight on Danny's face to see this slip in the net after what was an awful day and terrible fishing conditions where many would have just wrapped themselves back up in their quilts and slipped back to sleep.

The rewards are sweet if you are as determined as Danny, just to contemplate fishing, but actually going and doing it, is something to admire for sure.

Well done Danny.

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