Canal Carping In Search Of The Elusive (New Challenge)

Canal Carping In Search Of The Elusive (New Challenge)

Following on from 2017 where i targeted the local canal in search of the elusive canal carp i find myself once again sitting thinking of the year ahead once again where i am setting myself a new challenge for 2018, a 20lb canal carp.

So this is where it begins for the year ahead. The end of January with spring just over the horizon it's time to focus on this quest in hand i am setting myself for this year.
As i have said previously in last years blogs, my time is limited in fishing these days with running Cheshire Particle and serving the lovely people of the UK with our products to aid them in their own quests, so every opportunity i can get to get back on the canal will be a welcome one and of course, precious time.

With the pre baiting approach i undertook last year  with raking spots along the vast stretch, i again am adopting this routine once again as of course it served me so well last year and aiding my chances of catching these amazing wild creatures that lurk along the canal, albeit not in the numbers there once was as previously explained, but there is still plenty of carp around if putting in the footwork and locating them and to where the pre baiting option is essential to keeping them in the location i will be trying to catch them from. Now with over four miles of water to trek and locate, this is very time consuming, but with the knowledge i have learned from the water and the time living just five minutes walk from my home along with the bailiff duties i once carried out along here, this is vital information and intelligence to me almost giving me the heads up as to where to start my quest.

Having caught carp last year from a different location to this, i felt it was a better option to move up along the canal a mile or so and to where i feel the bigger fish do tend to be, right or wrong, time will only tell. So with this all in mind my time comes to start my raking and pre baiting work giving me a five to six week head start before even putting a line in the water while returning every chance i get to sit and watch for any sign of activity on the chosen spots with the hope that the effort and work i am putting in now will see my quest and challenge fulfilled.

Once again, with limited time against me, the opportunity to get on there will be hit and miss and of course can work against me, for instance, raking, pre baiting and then not being able to fish as often as one would like to, this could be a fatal move, the fish will simply move off to other locations and all my efforts would be diminished and wasted along with the bait applied initially. Now with all this in mind i will be making every effort to fish whether a quick few hours at night or early morning or with the upcoming bank holiday weekends, this does give me a bit of free time periods to return and try get on them so all may not be lost but only time will tell.

With the time i have, it's all about taking the opportunity while you can and if you have put in the work before hand, this can and will aid you in the end as proved last year, but back in 2016 i started to fish the canal again after many years, maybe over 10 years or so and to where just sitting behind the rods on a place where many people of my age generation cut their teeth in the fishing game where back then the canals where crammed with anglers of all age generations, so not so these days with the explosion of commercials and man made fisheries over the last 10 years but these canals offer some exceptional fishing with many species of fish in them that are more often overlooked by the youth of today who just bypass them and head to the nearest fishery that holds big fish without much or any knowledge of fishing itself, shame really, the canals are a brilliant tranquil stretch of british waterways that were once the backbone of angling.

A cracking little common from 2016.

So with this, i will leave you and start my campaign for this year, particles are ready for pre baiting and i have a few hours spare to set my operation in progress with the hope of even catching a carp never mind a 20lb carp.

Wish me look and be sure to follow my quest this year.

Cheshire Particle

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