Closed Season On The Hemp Oil

Closed Season On The Hemp Oil

March and the gates to the river season closed firmly shut for their 3 month exile from the coarse anglers presence their banks left to reclaim the worn down paths and the aquatic prizes we all chase as anglers are allowed time to go about their natural reproductive rituals without disruption.
I adore my river fishing and although this rule is a little outdated I am a firm supporter of its existence, for one the old saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” becomes a lived one as during that 3 months the river angler surly goes through them very emotions. That topic is of course a chapter for another day and another blog
Some see the closing of the rivers as a chance for a rest from fishing, a chance to complete those mundane chores put off all winter and to gain those vital brownie points for the next river season. For me, I see it as a chance to explore new avenues and head down one of the many exciting veins this magical pastime of fishing is made up from.
Writing a weekly blog on both BlogSpot and YouTube planning is a huge part of making sure it all comes together to tell the story from your side and before the rivers closed my calendar was full of trips to the canal for bream, roach and tench that I hoped would be lured in by the heady smell of Cheshire particle hemp seed and the dark brown crunchy caster shells I planned to use as bait. Fishing has this funny way though of capturing your angling heart and taking you down its own meandering path.
Commercials where the first place that grabbed my attention and some early season silver fishing you read in my last blog as nice nets of silver came to a combination of Cheshire Particle hemp and hemp oil.

As the weather warmed up the shallow waters carp began to creep into my thoughts, long walks along the canal completing my bailiff role for Lymm anglers with mark and the stories of carp adventures did little to dampen the thoughts of catching carp and in fact only served to add fuel to my growing need to target the species. Not ready for the “off the deep end” start that would come with a campaign on the local canal I decided to build my confidence this closed season and target smaller venues where I could learn the water craft needed to target wild and commercial carp.

This would mean the hemp seed particle would be left behind and I would get a chance to truly test the hemp oil as a stand-alone fish attractant, would it have what I took to stand alone?? If it did I would come out the other end with an additive that when combined with the cooked hemp seed that would make an awesome base of feed for the reopening of the river season. It was time to put it to the test...


My closed season started on Cheshire fishery on the pole but a discovery of my old Drennan Puddle chucker tip round really defined my approach for the rest of the closed season. Method feeder fishing took precedence and a simple set up of 12lb main line on which a inline method feeder ran freely was tied to a korum quick change bead and a simple 4 inch hook length was attached.

Bait wise I prepared a mixture of micro and 4mm pellets in the normal method but once drained and left to continue their soaking I added a small amount of the Cheshire Particle Hemp oil. I quickly found with this product that a small amount went a long way so I added enough so it coated all the pellets and left them glistening in the morning sun to soak up that oil. One ready you found the pellets lost that shine but retained that memorable smell.Commercially the hemp oil and pellet combination on the method feeder smashed it, I was regularly catching numbers of carp on the sessions I used it which culminated in this 90lb net of carp below.

The hemp oil also found its use when I targeted the carp on the pole just on hard pellets. The hemp oil poured over the dry pellets endured the pellets remained hard but had oil made sure every one of them sank and did not float. Learning this pellet only pole method it’s was fantastic to have the confidence that all these pellets sank resulting in some nice carp on the bank.

Natural Venues…

Sat waiting for the bite alarms to scream into life I caught myself messing around with my tray of pellets and after making a small ball I just threw the ball in the shallow margin. The next hour opened my eyes to just how much the hemp oil leaks from the bait as the small ball completely flattened off the margin ripple and for the next hour plumes and plumes of hemp oil would leak from the pellets. It shocked me how only a small amount of hemp oil on literally a nugget of pellets could add so much attraction. The river angler in me was thinking just how good that would be on the river with the flow washing that attraction down river.
The fish on the natural venues where pure wild fish in wild surroundings and I knew this would be the ultimate test for the hemp oil. My confidence was high, both with my set up and the bait and it did not come as any surprise that the combination soon started to pick up results. My target on the first venue was the mid to upper doubles, the gems of the lake as I called them. Commitments to other products saw me using oil on a rotation basis but on the sessions where I did use the oil only and pellet combo it put some special fish on the bank, this lovely common just one of a few gems.

The very last session of the closed season I visited a water on a new club card and on the second session on the venue i unleashed the hemp oil and pellet only approach. The sun just coming over the horizon and a nice carp and tench in the net, it painted a beautiful picture after the chaos of a double run moments earlier. The session did not end there with a few more tench and a slab of a bream showing no matter what your target when using this oil it works for all species,

A picture that needs no fish being held up to back it up, it stands alone as a statement of the amazing pulling power of the hemp oil, two fish on the bank at the same time within moments of casting in. So many reviews on baits are done in a week or two in this day and age or on one session I felt I give the oil a true testing over a sustained period in different scenarios and it really did pass all tests. Roll on the river season and the hemp oil joining up with the hemp seed for my river campaign.


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