Consultant Role

Consultant Role

We are now opening our doors once again, this opportunity doesn't arise very often, but when it does, we look to build, create and enhance our already strong and powerful team of consultants, to build, create awareness, and push us forward to the future.
Quality is of the essence here, not quantity.

Often, many other outfits in the same fraternity, flood they're team with anglers, so not the case here, where our consultants match our ethos of quality throughout, with experience and angling quality such as our product range consists.
This role carries a monthly allowance of free bait, with no obligation to buy, or pressure to do so either, in return for this, we expect active angling, promotion, product shots, catch reports and blogs or vlogs if comfortable doing that side of things. Of course, this will all be taken into consideration upon application received.

If you feel you fit this role, and can fulfill our criteria, please email us, with your age, name, location and angling approach with experience attached.
We endeavor to read and analyze all applicants and emails received, with no bias attached, whether man woman or youth.

Please email your details as above, too:

Good luck.

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