Custom Mixes And Blends - By Tim Childs

Custom Mixes And Blends - By Tim Childs

Well as many of you know Cheshire Particle do a superb range of particle baits and additives all of which can be purchased from their excellent on line shop. With a great range of today's modern day baits, they have a whole host of freshly prepared baits to choose from with many mixes and blends unique to them. As well as this Cheshire Particle can also customise any combination of baits you choose from the components they supply. Perhaps you want something added to your hemp? perhaps maples or groats, the options are there for you guys to choose and perhaps give you an edge over your fellow angler. Discretion is assured so your winning combination secret mix stays just that, a secret.

If like me you wanted something that little bit 'edgy' then look at the hemp/chopped peanut mix below. A superb blend of freshly cooked hemp with a mix of white chopped and skinned peanuts.

The final mix looks superb and the soft milky peanuts give off a lovely nutty attraction.

Another fantastic way is boosting your mixes with either chilli or tuna where we have give you the boosting option on many of the products on their online store, another little edge to add to your mixes and blends creating an whole new dimension to the feed while giving off other attractions through the water layers.

Cheshire Particle have recently added paste to their range, again this is a brilliant way of customising or adding attraction, not just to your hook bait, but balling and catapulting the paste balls out to the spot creating another contrast of flavour and colour.


So if you want that little something different give us a call, email or contact us via our Facebook page and we will be happy to discuss your needs, where we will construct that special mix or blend for your next outing where you will have a completely unique product where you will also receive it fresh and ready to go.

Good luck and happy angling.

Tim Childs
Promotions Manager.

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