Get It In And They Will Come -By Rob Allen

Get It In And They Will Come -By Rob Allen

With the importance of particle in my angling of which I am a great fan of them throughout the whole year spring summer winter, it doesn't detour me from getting them in on any venue i target if allowed of course, particles are a massive attractor with different shapes, sizes and colours while of course giving of many different attractions from the components used in my preferred mixes.18 months ago I began looking for a particle supplier to fulfil my needs, after weeks of comparing, reading descriptions and generally trying to find what would suit me, I found just what I was looking for and right on my doorstep with a quick 20 minute commute it was a god send. Now we all know that particle is just particle, but the options available from Cheshire Particle were second to none and not only that, but all made fresh to order too which was just what I was after, packed and sealed in 2.5kg portions again absolutely perfect for me as I do use very large quantity's so knowing how much I am dropping to my spots on each and every session gives me even more knowledge of the venues i'm targeting where i know what they want and need. Of course i do use Boilie and nuts too combined with particles, many chopped and whole giving even more attraction to the carp with more dimensions of shapes and sizes keeping them guessing and grubbing.  
Since using these particle and nut products i have had some amazing results with it from all over the country and putting some amazing carp on the bank for me including the North West's biggest common at 57lb 4oz after targeting this fish known as Jims for almost 2 years, while working closely with Mark from Cheshire Particle to construct and create a mix that suited me and my angling.

Along with that I have had brilliant success from other venues around the country also banking the box common from another well known venue too in the winter while using particle to attract it. particles have played a massive part in my fishing for the last two years and they have put some incredible fish on the bank for me and i'm pretty sure there will be many more to come too.

As i have said previously, i don't mind getting particle in the water all times of the year where another tactic I like to use is PVA friendly particle in winter over the baited spots and areas keeping it freshen'd up and more attraction going in. I can categorically say, that the use of good quality particle as certainly aided my fishing in a big way and since using Cheshire Particle i have never looked back as it is now a massive part of my armoury where the confidence is sky high just knowing they are out there on my spots.
Autumn is almost here, my favourite time of the year where i will most certainly be priming my spots up with plenty of particles and a good glug of hemp oil to drag them in ready for the big feed, the fish will be out looking for food to build their reserves for the winter months. With many of the naturals that reside in the water now dieing away the fish will be on the hunt and competing for anything they can find, with big beds of particle out there, they will be getting their heads down on it and most definitely get you some bites as they look to grub up.

Even with the very published and highlighted big fish that have been published in various media outlets from me, there have been many more captures that i have also had using particles, and particle and boilie together below is a selection of carp i have caught all with the help of particle and boilie of course,  proving that particle is a deadly weapon in fishing if used and applied correctly and as to where a good quality product will always have the edge over others, this is why  only use Cheshire Particle for all my particle and nut needs.
Quality is of the essence and perfectly prepared products are the key to success when using this type of approach in fishing, after watching fish feed many times over the years it's essential that what your putting out is what they want, and of course keep them there, carp will grub and grub on beds of particle until it's gone, but if you keep your spots primed they will without doubt come back looking for it.
Don't be afraid to get it in, if their allowed on your venues then be sure to get them in there and of course they are way more cheaper than the full boilie approach of which i do use plenty of them too while both work well together should you combine them, they will serve you well as they have done me.

Proven Particle With Pulling Power is exactly what it says.

Rob Allen

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