Hard Times by Leigh Johnson (The French Connection)

Hard Times by Leigh Johnson (The French Connection)



I believe lots of anglers like myself with a France trip coming up to go in search of Carp, will experience a couple of weird emotions at some time, usually, that being,“excitement” as one, and the other, “bewilderment” but in a funny peculiar way. Two different emotions and yet both expected from a compassionate angler dedicated to the sport. It’s the unknown that brings any anticipation that constitutes feelings of this nature duly because of how we think. For Example: what is to come or not to come from the French adventure that lies ahead! No one can know this part until their stall is set out for the duration of their stay, and their aims, targets, and perceptions put into place.

BLOG 6BLOG 716.35.. On arrival in France expectations were high, the place looked as I had imagined, so no disappointment there, nevertheless that was to come later. It was an awesome sight and good for a bite, proper drive, and survive place, just how it should be. Unfortunately the weather changed dramatically, and so did my outlook on this trip being a success. At this point my spirits were dampened, but hey I’m in France to catch carp, so going to make the most of it, regardless of high pressure, and I mean really high, sun out red hot, and then it started to look like I might struggle, and low and behold…I did. Admittedly now I was a little disheartened, here I was after travelling all the way to France withnothing showing and no bait being taken from spots fully laden with bait. I had noticed a few showed at the far end of the lake, so I knew now it was time to move sticks and start all over again, but the weed was so bad I couldn’t find a clear spot anywhere.

BLOG 1BLOG 8There came a time when I questioned myself about where was I going wrong, because, the week was gradually fading away along with my hopes and desires. But having said this no one else was catching either. Nonetheless I was consumed with despondent thoughts about are the days of bagging up in France with monster carp over? Or is the weather to blame?

I decided as a last resort—-ZIGS in the weed, to land me an elusive carp that I had yearned for all week. This produced some good takes but just couldn’t land them and a couple of lumps lost too, gutted. Now because the lake was quiet I decided to fish at range where I managed to rake a clear spot on a plateau not putting much bait out only bags, this again was not producing, what do I do now? With 48 hours to go and time running out I filled it in with particles, it was now or never! My plan of action included putting in roughly 15 kg spread over 3 rods 4 feet apart from each other, and a rod 7-8 feet off over boilies and black n white tigers.

Again nothing happened for 36 hours then I got a take on my middle rod out of the 3. After a good scrap and going round in circles in the boat, getting weeded up constantly, I landed a nice 33lb mirror. BLOG.10Then whilst re-baiting my rod the right hand rod ripped off, the same happened again. Again, back out in the boat and all over the place in the weed then out then in—- hook pull… gutted. With time ticking away it was back out with the rods, then the rod off the patch over tigers ripped off after a long scrap the same as the others, in the weed out of the weed, “finally” she graced the net 54.2 (thank you lord). The last few days seemed worth it and all prior ordeals were forgotten about, that is, after Cheshire Particle’s promise of providing Proven Particle with Pulling Power which did the trick. Quality stuff pulling the fish in once they’re back on the feed, the joys and elation of landing her in all her beauty.

BLOG 2BLOG 5Cheshire Particle doing what they constantly do getting bites and putting fish on the bank, just when you think your time is up, they always come up trumps in the end. Cheshire Particle doing what they constantly do getting bites and putting fish on the bank, just when you think your time is up, they always come up trumps in the end.

Thank you.


Leigh Johnson.

My French Connection Experience

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