Hot Dog Day's - By Tim Childs

Hot Dog Day's - By Tim Childs

The month of July usually means a number of things to me, one a busy time in the angling trade with little time available on the bank to chase carp, two the hot sticky weather that saps energy and usually leaves me lethargic and drained. Then finally if that wasn’t enough most of my target waters have by this time of year become weed choked and hardly fishable! All in all a potential recipe for a disastrous mid summer period. Well with a little planning and thought results during this time can be achieved and with a little luck you maybe able to keep those bobbins from stagnating to much. Planning and preparation are two key factors in achieving success and having rigs and tackle prepared in advance can really help. Bait choice is massively important, natural food is in abundance in the summer period and there is no better time to choose particle type baits.


The advantages of these baits are twofold not only do small seeds and pulses mimic the small food items the carp harvest but the fact that they usually have to work harder to hoover these small items means that weedy areas can with regular baiting be kept clear allowing for better presentation.

Hempseed, seed mixes, maples, tigers etc can be great baits whether used singularly or even better mixed together. One tactic that I’ve used to good success in the past is to regularly bait areas around the lake on certain spots and keep an eye on them for signs of feeding carp. With a little planning you can get great results from these pre baited spots and enjoy some sizzling summer sport. Strong tackle and line is a must at this time of year and 15lb line, leadcore leaders and quality hooks forms the bases of my gear. One tactic that works particularly well is PVA bags and by utilising PVA friendly baits like the Jarred range from Cheshire Particle you get the best from these great baits and this very effective tactic. Hook baits can be varied and I’ve had good summer results over the years on both real baits like Tiger Nuts and Maize as well as the artificial versions like those sold by many companies these days even Cheshire Particle do artificial. Staying mobile and keeping on moving and showing fish is a great way of fishing during the summer, quick over night sessions are my preferred choice and by keeping the gear light you can move quickly if needs must.

To summarize my mid summer approach its one of mobility, short session angling and using baits that will not only compete with naturals but will also keep the fish coming back time and time again. If you are struggling at this time of year then perhaps the particle approach can help turn your slow summer into a hot buzzer howling one.

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