In Search Of The Elusive Canal Carping Part 1

In Search Of The Elusive Canal Carping Part 1

It's very true what they say, when you enter the world of bait and start in the trading industry your fishing is well and truly put on the back burner, which is so true for me too after building and creating Cheshire Particle, one good thing does come from it, well a couple of things, you don't have to work for anyone else and their rules and regulations, the other is providing a good service with quality baits and receiving the catch reports back which makes it all the more enjoyable and satisfactory and the feeling you have helped someone else along the way, the bait industry is a hard one to crack and compete in but if you supply quality at the right price, then which is so in my case, your onto a winner but the fishing does still take the knock and only time will tell to the outcome.

So as I explained in the opening chapter, I don't get on the bank that often anymore so my attention was aimed at a local canal where I also carry out bailiff duties for the club that presently controls it. After fishing it in 2016 with some fairly good results but without actually targeting but more of a chill out and a bit of fishing I decided with the limited time I have was to try target it with the time I have in 2017 where to try catch these elusive canal carp which isn't easy with such a vast stretch for them to move up and down the waterway, yes they are there but not easy to track and catch, but with some effort, time and a little luck, I may just be in with a catch or two throughout the year so the quest begins here.

Monday April 10th

With a little time on my hands which is rare, I decided to go have a go at these carp and with a new wind arriving I just thought the conditions were perfect, a slight breeze and a bit of tow to the water was all good signs of a catch, knowing the canal and how it reacts is always good watercraft. The weeks leading up to this day I had been patrolling as the bailiff while also introducing bait on a few spots that I know hold carp. Arriving at my chosen spot around 16.00pm with rigs and tactics already prepared previously I was soon fishing within 20 minutes, although from previous knowledge, the carp don't really feed until after dark around 10pm but just being there behind the rods and preparing the spots was a kind of relief, a scratch of the itch if you will.

One spot about 30 yards from my banker spot i loaded with hemp as to try and create a diversion of the many bream that reside in there and leave one spot to just tinker with our new snail boilie and capsules filled with snails, at this time of year, the spring of course, the weed and naturals do start to come alive so this was my thought process to introduce natural baits and of course snails the ultimate natural for carp.

Spots primed and sitting back in hope of the elusive, i had brought a ready cooked curry, a lamb Rogan josh to be precise and some pitta bread with me for my tea and a couple of cans of cold Magners cider to wash it down, it's only manners of course and very nice it is too as far as ready cooked frozen meals go. Tucking into my food as you do and when your attention isn't on the water, yes we all know what happens? yes the hemp spot was into action, obviously not been fishing since 2016, my heart nearly jumped into the curry bowl, fluffing and fumbling trying to put the pitta and curry down as to not spill it everywhere and jump out on the towpath like a raving lunatic I was into....a bream, inevitable really with it being laced with hemp but hey the bait and rig was working as it should, a 14mm bottom HNV Snail Boilie on a basic bottom bait rig, nothing too fancy as I had found on the canal, keep it simple with just a bit of clear shrink tube over the knot holding the hair to the shank and a bit past the eye acting as a kicker nothing too rigy there and a bloody good job there was no cyclists coming along or there could have been a fatal pile up on the bank. After gathering my head after nearly having a cardiac,

spot and food back in hand I cracked on, fed and well cidered I settled in for the night myself and settled in for the night


The wind was a westerly with a bit of a chill with it but bearable and a nice tow to the water and a steady ripple, it looked good for a bite, my banker spot was the same rig but longer hair with a snowman bottom bait, same snail boilie 14 and 16mm presentation with capsules of snails incorporated with a few freebie boilie chopped and whole scattered around it so no particle on this spot in hope of detouring the silvers. The evening became night and I was willing and hoping for a carp with the conditions and the time right, both spots started to produce.....bream, dam it, my strategy wasn't working and the bream were all over me on both spots but proving the hemp laced spot and the banker spot were working fine along with the rigs and baits of course, the canal hadn't seen the boilie before so that was a good sign and sense of relief that they do work as we expected them too.

As the night went on I lost count of how many bream I banked from both areas even changing to double 16mm boilie in hope to stop the bream, never they were relentless all night long, whether the carp wasn't there or not feeding or they simply never got a look in with the bream mopping up everything in sight, who knows we can only presume of what and why, but at the end of the night it was the bream that won the day.

The quest continues in search of the elusive and hopefully with a bit of time, I will be back there this week at some point, so stay tuned in and we can only hope that we can bag an elusive canal carp.

Mark Mulchrone
Cheshire Particle

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