In Search Of The Elusive   Canal Carping Part Two

In Search Of The Elusive Canal Carping Part Two

Back On The Bank

With the Easter bank holiday looming, it give me a day or two spare as having to put orders on hold for shipping over the holiday weekend so it was a good chance to get back out for a quick over nighter. After checking the weather conditions, it was still in my favour with the wind still being a westerly, albeit it an old wind now it was still decent conditions and looked good for a bite.

Thursday 13th April.
After finishing preparing orders and putting everything in order for my return home I was back on the bank at around 15.15pm and back at the same spot as the previous session in hope that the spots i had primed may have created a bit of interest from the fish and they were looking for more, i must say, the Wednesday night I did nip down and trickle in a few of the Snail Boilie onto my banker spot but no particle but did trickle some particle onto the other spot that I had laced with Hemp previously where I was also carrying out a bailiffs check too, so in effect killing two birds with one stone and combining both tasks makes life that bit more simple. So settling in and the rods out I was all set and in hope of an elusive canal carp once again watching the water for any signs of activity or showing fish only to see my friend coming along the canal with his barrow full of fishing gear smiling like a Cheshire cat who I had previously spoken too where said he may fish the Friday too but couldn't wait and turned up an hour after me, now this may sound ok to you, but to me it wasn't the best sight seeing him coming along the bank with his gear as he fishes to the right of me and on the spot I had previously laced with Hemp and the night before had put particle there for my second rod, oh well i have to move the second rod onto another area and put some baits on it to get it going it is what it is im afraid but nice to have company and a friend to chat with of course. The evening was slow with nothing too significant happening for us both, so sitting and chewing the fat as you do it was getting towards the bite time as we know it on there and right on queue the bream were on the feed again where we were both landing them so of course our spots and rigs were working as they should again. It wasn't a frantic feeding spell by them but we had a couple each but no carp as yet and it slowed down somewhat and the wind and rain was really picking up too and coming from the west it wasn't a very warm one for sure cutting right through you if you was out of the shelter. The bites soon dried up around 11pm so we both settled down for the night and got wrapped up after the cold wind had got to us. I was then woke up by Lee at 02.30 who had landed a common, brilliant, although nothing big but at around 6/7 pound it was a welcome one, although very happy for him, I was a bit miffed if you get my point as to where I had primed the bloody spot the last session and the night before only for him to turn up and fish it landing a carp of it that i was fishing before he turned up, oh well that's the way it is but still happy we had a carp of the spots so the effort I had put in had worked so makes it all the more satisfying at the end of the day.

The night passed away with very little action after the last fish and having a nice warm sleep we was soon into Friday morning with the wind and rain still blowing away it was a cold morning, laying in the shelter I checked the weather and for the outcome of the day and according to the forecast there was suppose to be a south westerly moving in at around 9pm that night so I decided to stay with the new wind coming in i thought it was a good decision to stay in hope it would spur on a feeding spell for the carp, if they were there of course. The weather calmed down somewhat and the sun appeared from out of the gloom and so did our other friend too, so it was now a social event in search of the elusive. Although no more fish well carp didn't grace our nets the obligatory bream did over the next 24 hours in fact I did land a cracking Tench early that morning which was nice of course.  

So with my tail between my legs the next morning I headed off home with the will to return a few days later to try and outwit the wiley elusive canal carp.
Watch out for part Three where there is some carp action.

Thanks for reading once again

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