In Search Of The Elusive Canal Carping Part Four

In Search Of The Elusive Canal Carping Part Four

One week on and I’m back. With recent carp activity it’d be silly not to grasp any opportunity to engage in these elusive canal carp taking advantage of my free time and their recent activity.The days leading up to my session I was trickling in the boilie to the spots no particle, apart from some Hemp Oil soaked pellet which I was planning on using in my bags for attraction, and free offerings just a few catapults and 20 to 30 Natural S We arrived Thursday, the sun was blazing down so knowing the knowledge of the feeding carp on the canal there was no rush getting the rods out, but again I did trickle in a few free offerings for later as they do tend to be more active at feeding in the darker hours or so I thought?.This was all blown out of proportion in one foul swoop at 5pm. Another friend John was on the other spot, the spot that Lee was on previously, yes the one I laced with particles in hope to detour the silvers and bream two sessions back. John hadn't fished this spot for a good while so putting him here to only get a screaming take, oh my life it's happened again, a cracking 14lb common graced his net blowing my watercraft wide apart as we have never had carp that early in the day for years. Was this down to the recent activity I was watching from them, or just luck, who will ever know that? 

 Yes he does like to get his top off.

An hour had passed and placing his cracking fish back, I had my rods back on the spot for the night brimming with confidence of a fish or two. Again fishing both rods on the Snail boilie with a small bag of Hemp Oil soaked pellets as an attraction as not to feed them, as there was plenty of bait already there from days before and the ones I put in when we arrived

Just before nightfall my right hand rod was away, well not away as I tend to fish locked up along the canal as I was fishing against a little pad bed but the swinger was almost attached to the rod butt and the tip was swinging away where I found myself attached to another canal carp, again not the biggest fish but a very welcome one, where after the work put in as stated in my previous blogs they all count and are worthwhile, so with a little mirror gracing my net I was overjoyed to catch these amazing creatures. 

With the pics taken and a good study for any hook marks and injury where as always they are treated with the correct carp care applied, I returned her back to the water, where she swam back to the depths of her habitat, amazing. With the rod back on the spot with same tactics, I settled down watching for any activity.A couple of hours passed with little sign of activity not even Bream, but then the same rod was off again, this time a little better of a bend in the rod and a much better feeling of bigger fish on the end. Playing with caution I caught sight of a beautiful common, lurking and lunging while heading for a weed bed, I coaxed it away with some slight tension away from the direction of the weed bed of which I was fully aware of. After 10 minutes steadily fighting it slipped into my net and a cracker it was too with amazing colours, and while studying it's mouth there were no other signs of hook marks, an uncaught fish? A belter at 12lb clean with no marks or blemishes on its well framed body. 
Catching these fish is a challenge but when you put in the time and effort it means so much. Much more than just fishing and catching, it's a sense of achievement knowing the quest you set out to do was achieved. Giving satisfaction, joy, making it worthwhile of the task you set yourself.  I say, try something different, push yourself that bit further, yes we can all go to lakes and commercials that are crammed with fish and catch all day, but doesn't it become boring after a while?.

03.30 I'm woken by John who has another carp on the mat, although no pics as we were both tired from our daily jobs and the sun beating down on us during the day, it was another cracking common weighing over 14lb, so that was the fourth fish within a few hours showing that the pre baiting and effort beforehand really did enhance our chance of catching the elusive canal carp.

Thanks for reading and following these blogs, that's it for now as I haven't had chance to return as yet but hopefully can nick a quicky this weekend at some point where hopefully there is more blogs and of course carp to be wrote about In Search Of the Elusive Canal Carp.


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