In Search Of The Elusive Canal Carping Part Three

In Search Of The Elusive Canal Carping Part Three

Man On a Mission
So three weeks later I'm back on the bank after my bailiff patrols. Leading up to this blog I noticed much more carp activity in and around my spots, so as always during patrol I carry a few freebie bait's to trickle on my spots. Changing tactics I decided not to use particle hoping not to attract the silvers. So now I’m armed only with the Natural S (HNV Snail Boilie) trickling in around 30 or 40 baits on my spots while standing for an hour or so watching and observing the activity.

After returning home with my mind fully focused and finishing the jobs I had in hand, I took time out to think how I was to trap these amazing elusive canal carp. I sat down and made rigs while at the same time plotting my quest knowing I had a free night to go get them, albeit a quick over night venture. Once again it's bank time and precious time in all cases. Now with rigs made up I planned for my return the next day that is, after doing the work that needed doing while texting my old buddy Lee to see if he was able to join me, of which he duly obliged.

4pm the following day while setting up we noticed carp activity that filled me with confidence. Laying the traps and trickling in bait we waited. It was great chatting while observing the water for activity. There were signs of fish but not like the day before duping us to think they moved off, not even the Bream were active.As the night progressed the Bream started to feed as they do and Lee was catching them from the previous spot I baited where he had the little common off, but it was very quiet in my direction, which was concerning, but then with thinking that with no particle it’s maybe doing as I had planned it to do, which was keep the silvers off the spots by introducing the Boilie instead.We know the Bream take the Boilie but at present all was fine but no carp yet? After settling down around 11pm chilling as you do while still watching for signs, I started nodding off when the alarm burst into life and the rod tip swung round, fishing locked up, as I often do on the canal I was on the rod in seconds and attached to a fish. As an angler you kind of know what your attached too, within seconds I was engaging with an elusive canal carp. With the excitement and joy you kind of play it on the side of caution while still wanting to bully it at the same time but without losing it in the process, because after all the work effort and time spent tracking and working your spots it's no mean feat in catching these carp. So just landing one is a massive sense of relief and the joy you feel knowing the work put in had paid off. With a 10 minute steady fight I had a carp in the net, not the biggest but at 11lb it was a welcoming one indeed. It was a beautiful long lean mirror with amazing colouration. Pictures don't do it justice as it was dark but I assure you it was a pretty carp and of course off the spot I had worked on where I had only introduced the Snail boilie for the last few weeks, result indeed.

You may think this a bit farfetched because it's just a carp, but after the big fish kill back in 2009 we lost a lot of fish on this canal. The numbers are just not here anymore, but after catching carp back in 2016 with some around 6 to 7lb and the biggest 17.03 we knew they re-produced which is brilliant after the 2009 disaster, Sadly the anglers who once put bait in getting fish competing and putting on the weight has long gone after a great number of them moved onto other waters hence why these blogs are important to our cause as to where the carp have become weary and wiley to say the least, with numbers still existing there.After putting the fish safely back into its habitat the night drifted away with no other fish caught. So one run, one fish, one carp, amazing result for the hard work put in. All the planning and plotting paid off, yes only one fish but that fish, well I can’t begin to explain the joy of catching it because after all it's a real challenge on that stretch now with anglers blanking and saying there's no carp left in there, really?

Again, thank you for following these blogs and let me tell you, be sure to follow the next one as there is more carp on the bank.
Thanks Again


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