Junglebanx  part 1- By Ryan Brereton

Junglebanx part 1- By Ryan Brereton

Hello fellow fishing folk and a very warm welcome from myself to my first fishing blog for Cheshire particle. This will be part one of three chapters, telling the story of a little baiting campaign I endured over a month long period on 'the wild pit' while out using the brilliant products from Cheshire Particle of which i can not fault either in quality or quantity, where i hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did compiling it! 

I had already spent a considerable amount of time up at the lake during the start of the year, watching and lightly baiting likely looking areas more than actually fishing. Even though Id already racked up around 20 nights fishing on the lake by now, I have never really been able to fish confidently without first getting the fish feeding frequently on at least one spot. So I suppose in them 20 odd nights I was getting a feel for certain areas/spots more than anything.

It was June before I had finally chosen a spot in which to bait properly and try to get something going. The spot was a little fished area with quite shallow water out in front which is a perfect area in my eyes shortly after the fish have spawned. They were using the bay a lot more frequently because of this and I thought it best to give them a bit of bait! 

A plan was well and truly hatched and me and my friend polles would take it in turns, baiting the spot every couple of days with a good helping of parti-mix, the special 6 multi mix and my favourite black tigers.


All very productive baits on their own rights but the special 6 multi mix is a bit more than special in my eyes and I know a lot of other anglers eyes too, definitely worth a look if your after creating a bed of bait with plenty of hook bait options, combined with the awesome black tigers, it's a natural looking mix with plenty of pulling power, 'irresistibly inconspicuous' if you like.

After a week of baiting, we decided to give the spot a go over the weekend, so I turned up Friday night, straight from work in the middle of the night and flicked the rods out full of anticipation more than confidence. There's not many fish in the lake and they're amongst the spookiest fish i had ever come across so I really wasn't sure how the plan was going to play out.

Morning came around and with no action coming our way I can't say I was disappointed but it did look good out there with the odd fish cruising through and dropping for a feed. It finally happened at around half 11 in the morning when one of polles rods belted off with a lovely old, crusty 20 pounder on the end. Even though it did look good out there, we weren't expecting action that quick as between us we'd done around 50 nights that year with a fish each to show for our efforts! So as you can imagine I was buzzing and it was only the first session on the spot, surely this was a sign of something special on the horizon..... And believe me it was! 

The efforts of pre-baiting and patience had really done it's bit and our rewards were fully appreciated.

Stay tuned

Ryan Brereton

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