Margin Fun On Cheshire Particle Hemp And Meat- By Danny Bellfield

Margin Fun On Cheshire Particle Hemp And Meat- By Danny Bellfield

Bright blue skies with wisps of candy floss clouds has been the norm for at least the past week or so and although these sights bring happiness and joy to the nation, for the river angler, it has made for tough sport. Rain is needed for sure to breathe some much needed life into our rivers. A good flush through to revitalise their stagnated pools and add some much needed colour to the river. The rivers left for another day I made my way to a local fishery looking for a day’s fun chasing margin carp. Locally there is one fishery that stands out and that is Lloyds Meadow Fishery. Set in the glorious Cheshire countryside the drive to the venue through the hills opening to great views of the Cheshire plains mimics the beautiful fishery that awaits you at the end of your journey. A mature fishery with 4 pools all nicely stocked with silvers and carp offer the angler four very unique pools to catch their quarry from. Spotless banks and well looked after swims the place is just a credit to fishing and a lovely tranquil place to wet a line. A quick chat with Danny the owner and fellow Warrington Angling Centre blogger Brian Coakley I was all set for a days fishing. All About Having fun…My plan for the session was all about having some fun and my tactics for the day mimicked that. I set up my pole set up with pink drennan carp bungee and my Drennan Acolyte rod twinned with my centre pin I was all set ready to tackle these carp under my very feet in the margins.

Bait for the day was going to be a couple of tins of meat cut into small cubes and I bulked this out with Cheshire particle hemp seed which had a liberal dose of the Cheshire Particle Hemp Oil. 

I also boosted some of the fishery’s own pellets with the hemp oil. This offers two huge benefits, one the pellets will now all sink and not float on the top as they can do when fed straight form the packet and two the pellets over the session would take on the hemp oil and this would add that extra attraction when fed. I began the session of by feeding a few big cupping potful’s of the meat and hemp mix down my left hand margin to a set of marginal reeds that had been occasionally knocking to give away the presence of a few fish in the area.

While I fished the far margin line to the reeds I began drip feeding the hemp oil infused pellets over a closer line that I planned to feed and fish later on using the rod and centre pin. I have always found rotating and resting lines on commercials best especially when fishing the margins. It didn’t take long for the heavy meaty aroma to lure a carp from the reeds and in no time at all my elastic was fizzing out of the swim and into the main pool. A heavy but strong fight form these carp is the norm on this place but this carp certainly had no plans of coming quietly. Remaining patient and keeping the pole low in the water the carp soon turned and came around to my way of thinking. An early scalp for the Cheshire particle hemp and meat combination.

I kept the swim topped up with a cad pot of the hemp and meat mix and over the next few hours the swim produced carp of all sizes as some great margin sport was had fishing the long margin swim on the pole. And the sight below of elastic oozing from the end of the pole tip was common place.

Early doors this line produced countless fish of all sizes as fish left the reeds and moved into the swim. The fishing on the pole was fantastic along the margin and as with all fishing in shallow water it was exciting to see the nervous water as carp moved in to feed over the bait and then the float bury under as it always does with these margin torpedoes. A few of the fish caught.
The hemp oil soaked pellets had been going in for a good while on the closer margin line and had now got to the point where all I could see in the midday sun was the sight of tails coming out of the water as the carp competed for the irresistible pellets on the bottom.It was time for the centre pin to make and appearance and it was one of those moments in fishing where good feeding and good bait come together to make the catching of a fish a case of when not if.It took seconds for the float to zoom under and with the clutch of the centre-pin ticking over if was great fun controlling and playing the fish just by the pressure applied by my thumb on the spool. The drennan acolyte bent nicely into the fish it was great to be on the bank fishing.

Once I had caught one fish on the method I was hooked and although I missed loads of bites striking so close in on the rod and pin. I could live with this as when I did connect it was worth it to play the carp this way.
All in all it was a great day on the bank and another venue where the hemp and hemp oil has proven its fish attracting ability again! The conditions where not the best for fishing with the bright sunshine but the bait combination of the hemp, pellets and meat was enough to get the fish in a feeding mood. A great days fishing and a Thumbs up from me.
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