Monumental success on monument 2

Monumental success on monument 2

After discovering the RH fisheries monument 2 lake only last year, it’s safe to safe to say that the lake is a fairly new lake to me, thank to help from friends and people who have fished it before it was fairly easy to pick the spots and the pegs that I wanted to fish, the great thing about M2 is when booking on to fish, you can reserve the swim you wish to fish. This makes it perfect to be able to fish the key swims and learn the swims, it also makes a great way to arrange a little social with peg 10 and 11 being my favoured swims on the lake (down to personal preference) both pegs allow you to fish around the banana bar feature in the lake, this can be seen from the drained down map in the monument fisheries office.

My tactics and rigs and bait:

Many people will approach this lake in a similar way, with the lake bed being pretty much a hard clay like bottom and there no weed in the lake it means rigs can be kept simple with my preferred rig being a size 6/8 korda krank hook tied with a simple K.D knotless knot baited with a 15mm bottom bait that I core out and cork to critically balance, also another rig that has produced fish on there is the IQ2 D rig fished with the same with a critically balanced bait.

Tactics are simple, with already knowing the spots I have all my rods and spomb rod already clipped up meaning no messing round using a marker rod to find the spots and also by keeping mental notes and using a little book I have used to map out the lake beds with distances and depths then I can use this to pick out the spots straight away, meaning im usually first in the lake on some occasions in the morning which can sometimes pick off a bonus fish at the start of the session. Simple tubing and 2.5 to 3 oz leads and standard carp tactics will do nicely, keep it simple as then there is less things to go wrong.

My baiting approach never really changes on there I love using the hemp and snails mix as a base mix! But then by adding a few other particle mixes to the blend can really attract the fish to the swim but also keep them in the swim. I would normally take around 5/10kgs of particle mixes, which is great because the 2.5kg bags from Cheshire particle mean I can get have 4 different particle


This are just some of the images I have taken while fishing at monument showing my success thanks to using a good decent quality particle supplied by Cheshire particle, resulting in captures of some lovely looking fish. That’s why I use the best particle. Proven particle with pulling power© 

mixes to introduce as much attraction into the lake as i can get, I think that by having different shapes, sizes, textures in the mix really can keep the carp feeding in the swim for longer. I have multiple catches in short time due to landing the carp then getting the rod back out on the spots fishing and having a screaming take only seconds after the rod going on the rest, meaning the fish haven’t spooked from the area and they are still actively on the feed. I also had good success using tiger nuts yet again on the same rigs and critically balancing them, I love to crush these up in to like a nutty crump perfect to add extra attraction in the form of a small PVA capsule or small mesh bag. When spodding/spombing bait out out I like to start with 7 spomb loads over each rod then top up with 4 more after every fish. I also will add 4 more spomb loads just before it goes dark after redoing my rods ready for the night.

My success:

by using the tactics and bait I have already spoken about in the other parts of this blog, I have landed roughly 23 fish from 7lb to 25.6lb (which was a lovely perfect common), and only having fished it 6 times that’s an average of nearly 4 fish a trip.  With my average size being around the 19lb mark which is outstanding in my books if I can catch upto 4 fish a session averaging 19lbs. 

This is my usual order from Cheshire particle here I have the; hemp and maize mix, hemp and snails and 5kg of normal hemp along with a tub of the new pva friendly special 6 multi mix, which has been an absolute edge in my fishing.


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