Naturals at Jurassica

Naturals at Jurassica

With not really a planned trip for team member Steven Williams, more a spur of the moment decision to tag along after one of the group dropped out, Cheshire Particle team member Ste decided to take his place with not much planning and organising at short notice, we sent Ste with some custom PVA friendly Snails and our new Natural S HNV Snail Boilie which proved to be the edge as the week unfolded.

Arriving Saturday as most french trips do these day's after a long road trip from Shropshire, the guy's arrived and had their draw for pegs and was sussing out the water which of course was totally new to them all having never fished the water before.

As we all know these trips, especially for anyone travelling from the northern side of England, does take its toll on you for the first few days until you acclimatise and get a feel for the surroundings, checking every inch of the water you will be targeting for the coming week, markers out, echo sounders the full Kaboush in this day and age, although Ste is a, should we say, an old time angler where the old technique of the marker rod and float is very ample.
After getting his bearings and a good sleep Ste was finding the spots and features in front of him. Come the Sunday he was all set and ready to go get them, and he didn't have to wait too long before he was into his first  Jurassica carp on the first day a cracking common from his spot where he had been feeding the Snails and fishing the Natural S over the top where the spots were boiling, fizzing and bubbling with activity of feeding fish, although not the biggest fish in the lake he was off the mark with a fish weighing in at 24 and another mirror at 27lb.

Steve couldn't have wished for a better start to the trip where he said their loving the Snails and Snail Boilie the water was alive in front of him where he had been feeding.
After an exhausting trip and travel and straight into the action he decided to lay his head and re-coup with a good nights sleep.
The next morning he was woken to the sound of his alarm and reel peeling of line where rubbing his eyes and trying to get his bearings he was out of bed and attached to yet another carp off his Snail spot landing his 3rd carp at 26lb, sacking the carp until he could figure out what was really becoming a fantastic session with only a few hours into his trip.

Buzzing to be off the mark Ste was now a bit more relaxed after bagging his first few carp of the session.

After constant trickling of Snails and the Boilie the swim was alive with activity, After getting the pics and a brew and placing his rod back on the spot with a few more freebies and a stocking of PVA friendly Snails, it wasn't long before he was into another fish, and their getting bigger, this time a stunning mirror at 31lb he was definitely on them and the spots were rocking, or he thought it was as after that fish the swim switched off, so he decided to shower, shave and gather his thoughts after a hectic couple of days.With Sunday slipping away and a walk around and a chat to the other guys, Ste settled down for the night.        

With dawn breaking the sound of a screaming alarm woke him and Ste was attached to something a bit bigger than previous fish, giving him a great fight he landed what was thought of at the time his first 40lb carp, putting it in the sack and putting his rod back to the spot instantly, he gathered himself together for the pics and hope of a 40.                    
Not quite this time but at 39+ he was made up all the same and returned the lump to it's beautiful habitat. and it wasn't long before he was into another, this time at 36 04 and again the spot was rocking and fizzing after re-applying more Snails.

As the day progressed he was into more fish

and the same pattern followed throughout the week consistently banking fish, then early Thursday morning he was yet again woken with a one toner, this time he knew this was bigger, still half asleep he was attached to a lump that did not want to see the net, fighting hard and shaking it's head, but after a while Ste finally got the better of it, as it lumped over the net, he couldn't really see the full size but on closer inspection and the light from two head torches, there was a huge smile appear on his face with a little jump of excitement and a shake from his peg partners hand, this fish was definitely breaking the 40 barrier.
With dawn just about to break, the guys prepared the peg and themslves for the picture, and what a belter weighing in at a beautiful 47lb 04oz, Ste was overjoyed with excitement, joy and utter relief to bank such a stunning creature.
Having already broken his Pb throughout the week, yet again this big lady had smashed it again.

The week was coming to an end now where Ste continued to feed his spot at 22 wraps out to a feature known as Tombstone where he consistently caught fish with another 40+ gracing his net where all in all he banked 16 fish to 47lb and hailing that our naturals at Jurassica really did make all the difference and couldn't believe the difference they really did make in helping him bank some amazing fish.

Steven went on to thank us for the custom PVA Snails and Snail Boilie we supplied to him for his trip as there was no particle only the venues own particle allowed on the water but Ste insisted the naturals were the edge he was after.

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