Park Lake Campaign Part 1 - By Mike Bloor

Park Lake Campaign Part 1 - By Mike Bloor

With the unfortunate quiet spell at work, I had lined up for the forth coming week and the Mrs away on a girls weekend, it was time to get out on the bank for a few nights.
Being self-employed and working up and down the country, it's very rare I get a chance to settle for a few nights, usually the odd overnighter here or there. Recently armed with the "special 6 multi mix and 5 kilos of mixed pellet  from Cheshire particle

I was eager to get down to the park and give these new products a go. On arrival I was greeted with 20 or 30 fish enjoying the sun close in on the back of the wind, knowing this area has been fishing well recently it was definitely worth having a couple of rods out there for the night. Unfortunately, I managed 3 tufty's through the night and with the wind switching into my face and the sun coming out the fish were soon on the opposite bank. A friend messaged me to tell me they were there in numbers and I should get myself round. Without hesitation, the barrow was loaded and I was off on a mission. He was only on for the day and kindly said I could jump in there which was good of him, so single Ronnie rigs were flicked out close in for a few hours. Nothing materialised, Paul was off home for his tea and I went about finding an area out in front for the night.
After settling on a spot that's known to do a few bites I went about putting 15 spombs of the multi mix out with a good couple of handfuls of the pellet in there just to give them that little bit more to home in on.

The night drifted away and so did the fish but with conditions due to being the same the following day I was confident of a bite. As the temperature started to rise, the liners started and an absolute unit lumped itself clean out over the spot and 5 minutes later the right hander was away. Being on a park lake I'd soon begun to have a bit of an audience which puts a bit of pressure on but It came in relatively easy and a nice mirror was soon lay in the folds of my net. The 2 pieces of fake maize well and truly set back into the carp’s mouth so it was obvious he was enjoying the bait.
It weighed in at 20lb 8oz on the scales, my second 20 from the new lake and with that my session came to an end. It was my first time out with the particle where i had recently joined the team of consultants, having tried their products previously as i was mightily impressed with their range of quality products, and what a way to start! I can't wait to get back down already. To be continued, Mike.

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    Nice write up mate ??

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