Stick Float Fishing for Roach using Hemp Tares and Maggot - By Danny Bellfield

Stick Float Fishing for Roach using Hemp Tares and Maggot - By Danny Bellfield

A cool crisp November morning the trees lining the river swaying in a gentle early morning breeze shedding a few leaves with every sharp gust. This time of year the countryside is awash with all its autumnal shades of browns and yellow ochre’s mottled in-between are the vibrant greens of those evergreens thriving in the early morning sun. Autumn is truly one of the special seasons for fishing and as the bankside loses it colour so my mind turns to Pike and as we will see in this blog, Roach on the stick float  
Set up for the day was my 17ft Preston Innovations Float rod coupled with a shimano Reel loaded with 4lb4oz drennan float fish. Terminal tackle was a 6 no 4 fine tip float with a strung shotting pattern down to a 1lb7oz hook length and a size 16 hook. 

Looking at the bait tray I took to the bank 3 pints of Cheshire Particle Hempseed, 2 pints of red maggot and a tub of the new Cheshire Particle Tares, both are available as a combo  on the following link

The swim was a classic big river stick float swim a marginal shelf around 3ft deep that fell into an even 6ft deep glide and it was over this marginal shelf I wanted to target the fish. The cover of the marginal shelf would mean the fish would feel comfortable and safe feeding along it and I knew I was in with a chance of a few bites. Feeding is key in any fishing and that goes whether you are fishing for a 50lb carp or a bag of roach. River fishing you never know what its in front of you on the day so I always air on the side of caution so I began feeding swim with around 5-10 grains of hemp with every trot through, enough to draw fish in and asses how many fish are in front of me and it wasn’t long before the single maggot trotted through over the hemp brought the first roach of the day.
As always the first fish to arrive are always on the small size and my thought process is always to work out how many fish are in the swim and size. I continued to catch fish of a size all morning on the hemp and single maggot. Holding the float back over the hemp brought a bite most trots through and a good day was on the cards. 


Moving into the afternoon and as the swim began to develop and build a much better stamp of fish arrived and this is when I knew it was time to make two changes. Straight away knowing there was a good head of fish around and of better quality.  I upped the amount of hemp I was feeding from 5-10 grains to 20-30 each trot through and moved over to fishing tares on the hook. It was not long before quality roach where coming to the net on the tares, a great bait for picking out those quality roach and building a good weight of fish.


Not feeding maggot at all the hemp the fish where weaned onto the hemp seed during the session so a change over to the tares was accepted by the fish instantly had I fed maggot all morning this transition would not have been so easy.


The final net of fish went 16lb8oz and a fantastic autumn day on the bank fishing the stick float, Take a look at the fantastic hemp and Tares combo on the Cheshire particle website and go and give it a go on your local river. 

A video of the session will be available soon on my Youtube Channel, Subscribe here and click the bell icon to be notified when a video goes live >>

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