Team CP Ladies

Team CP Ladies

With our ever growing diverse team of anglers we also have two brilliant lady anglers fighting our corner too, both very active and more importantly, very capable anglers in their own right.

First up is Emily Blake, Em as been with us since 2016, fishing out of the north west and travelling far and wide in her quests to catch carp.Emily is also a big part of the Ladies British Carp Cups where she is also the reigning champion having won the prestegious event in 2016 where she has returned this year to compete and try to retain her title once again and to top all this off, Emily now has a Carp Team England call up where she will now fight our nations national teams corner, a brilliant result all round where it shows that her efforts in the game are not going unnoticed with this fantastic accolade of which she has grasped with both hands of course, amazing result Em we wish you all the very best for the season ahead and the task in hand.

Next up is our newest lady team member Amanda Curtis, Amanda needs no introduction really as she as been on the circuit for years now and known by many in the game.Amanda again is a very active and capable lady angler fishing out of the Northamptonshire region of the country where she will often travel far and wide in her angling adventures. Once again Amanda is a very integral part of The Ladies British Carp Cups competing year in year out where building and creating a brilliant ladies section of the Cups of which is now an annual event in the calendar in the fishing fraternity becoming more and more popular year in year out and what a fantastic event it is too, not only the ladies but the men's sections too.

Both team members returning to the Ladies Carp Cups this weekend at Penns Hall Fishery in Birmingham but with no luck unfortunately, that's fishing for you, peg draws, baits selection, approach all play a factor at these events where you have never fished before, with only 9 fish out all weekend it was never going to be easy but we can only commend our ladies for their efforts where  pushing themselves to compete in such prestigious events so well done to both for having a crack anyway, where sure you will dust yourselves down and go again.

Two brilliant editions to team CP where we are truly honoured to have two fantastic lady anglers in our camp, at Cheshire Particle we thrive on giving the best and giving everyone an opportunity, equality if you will where we have men women young and old, well not so old oooops, anyway we have an amazing team of anglers from all over the country using our products and fishing all regions and competitions and involvements of this great sport we all love and adore, although sometimes it can wreck your head now and again we still return week in week out and start again with our strategies, plans and executions of the task in hand in the quest to catch carp.

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