Three Thirty's In Eight Hours - By Harry O'Neill

Three Thirty's In Eight Hours - By Harry O'Neill

Getting to the lake one my fist trip i set up on peg 4 of 12 which was surrounded by lily pads and looked bang on. I seen a few fish in and around the margin so decided to flick a little choddy in the margin just off the edge of the lily's. The second rod when out to a area around 40 50 yrs out where i seen a couple of fish fizzing again on a little choddy . I ended up with no fish on that session but had a really good look around and decided that my next session would be a lot different.
Second session on the lake i managed to get to really early in the morning and headed to the shallow part of the lake which i had planed to fish. While watching the water there were a shoal of fish all over on top and fizzing up the bottom so decided to set up in the last swim you can fish. The amount of weed in this area was insane and couldn't find a solid spot so fish long sliding choddy on both out to the areas that i had seen the most of the fish..48 hours went by and had to pull off the lake due to work. But i didn't leave without a  plan for the next session with was only a few days away.

Third time down at the venue i have the plan that would change my whole time fishing on the lake I headed back to the peg i fished the week before equipped with a new weed rake. I had a good lead round the area that i seen most of the fish were spending there time and found a little area that was not as weedy as the rest and decided to rake the spot and create a solid spot i could fish with my preferred rigs.

After around 30 to 40 casts i started getting down the silt and thought that would do, i gave the spot a good amount of bait. This time i came down with Cheshire particles hemp and lots of it, i put around 5 kg of hemp on the spot and around 2 kg of boilie with the hope that the fish will clear the spot even more for me even if i didn't get a fish i knew that the spot would be visited by the fish at some point in the week and there was enough bait there to keep them coming back.


 I went to sleep that night with the mind set of not catching as only one rod went on the spot and hinge rig. I woke in the morning to a screaming reel on the left rod, scrambling to the rod expecting to see the swans picking up my bait but they were on the bank sleeping. i hit the rod and after a short fight my first fish went into the net is the shape of a beautiful 21lb mirror one of the few in the lake. 

With the pic taken and the rod back on the spot and head into the last night of the session with a lot more confidence of getting a bit,. Again only one rod on the spot and the other flicked in the margin, again i was woken to the left rod in melt down.
After a lively fight the fish goes in the net and is a proper stunner. I lifted it on to the scale and the needle spun round to 26 lbs, i'm buzzing at this point as the whole session has come together.

I get the fish back and the rod out i put around another 3kg of hemp and boilie back on the spot as i knew i wouldn't be back down to the lake for a good 9 days, i.just wanted them to see the bait on the spot with no rig to have a free feed and get the confidence of feeding on the spot up with no obstructions.

 After what felt like an age i manage to get to the lake on the Monday morning and again set up in the swim put another 3 kg of the bait on the spot. But never cast a line  till gone dark as i wanted them to see the bait in the light with no rig and then get them at night when they think it is safe .The night goes by but uneventful and night is slowly passing along with bite time but nothing happens.

Going into the second night i only topped the spot with bait around 1/2 kg of the mix and got the rods out just on dark and got ready for the night. It was only out for around an hour and started to get liners to the point i was standing next to the rod thinking i was going to get a run but no occurrence this time.
I head back under the brolly and get into the bag and i get a another liner, or what i thought was a liner.
The bobbin had pulled it's way to the rod and stayed there so i slowly swung my legs out of the bag put my shoes on and walked slowly over to the rod, i looked at the bobbin for about 30 seconds before i seen a little twitch that was enough to make me feel the line and as i did the line pulled out of my hands and was screaming hitting into the fish and strait away i could feel that this was a good fish, It was holding it's ground and not really doing much, i tease it back to the net and have a good scrap in the margin i haven't turned my head touch on yet as i didn't want to spook the fish, it slipped it into the net i look down and with head touch on and realise that this is one of the a team and it was one of the biggest in the lake at 33 1/2 lbs the unknown common was mine and the smile on my face become bigger and wider by the second. 
Once the fish was returned to the water i get the rod back on the spot first time and within 30 minutes i was into my next fish this one didn't really put up a fight and glided into the net with ease .again looking down the head touch on i couldn't believe what i had in it, another good fish, i get it on the back and on the scales the needle swings to the magical 30 i couldn't believe i had just had a brace of thirty's this soon into my campaign it was unreal.

After releasing the fish back and the rod back on the spot and decide i need to get my head down but the fish had other ideas for me and i started getting liners again this time every bleep i was next to the rod ready but they stopped after about a hour.
It's now around 4 in the morning and i have been up for nearly 24 hours, i'm just about to drop off and the left rod is melting. Hitting the rod and feeling the weight of this fish i could tell i was into another good one, my legs are shaking now as its getting light and have caught  a glimpse of the fish and its a lump, getting it in to the net i had to walk away and slap myself. The fish was anther good one and just couldn't believe what was happening. Getting it on to the mat i realise its another of the a team i lift the fish went 32 1/4 and it was the big bellied common.
Big Bellied Common 

My third thirty of the session in no less the 8 hours. I let the fish go and got the rod out on the spot with no more fish that session and i leave with the biggest smile on my face and a trio of thirty's under my belt i was absolutely buzzing.

 I got the lake the week later and there was some one i the peg so decided to fish the other side. I ended that session with no fish but could see my was still rocking so i managed to put some bait on the spot to keep them interested.

A week went by and I'm back at the lake knowing the it would be my last session for about 2 3 weeks so wanted to make the most of it. Storm Ophelia was just about to hit so set up on the right and right in the teeth of it. As the wind picked up the carp followed it right on to my spot and seen a few show in the area the night went by with no fish and woke to the calm after the storm and was greeted by a guy who had been fishing the peg where my spot was. He was heading home so i decided for the last night to drop in the peg for the night getting on  the spot with the left rod and with the information the lad had put 3kg of boilie on the far margin i flicked one over. The night went by and was woken to a twitchy take on the right rod over the lads bait and it a nice old 18lb common i slip it back. As i'm redoing my rod the left rod is away, that resulted in  beautiful 17 mirror and what a mirror it was.
I left for work later that morning again with a smile on my face.

 In the time i have been fishing the lake i have managed 7 bites and 7 fish in 14 nights on the lake. It's has not been easy but i definitely think that using particle has gave me a massive edge over some of the other angler's and with this being Cheshire particle i have the up most confidence using it any where i take it not just on this lake the quality of the bait is incredible and i do think it has gave me an advantage in my fishing as we all know carp love hemp and this hemp is the best that i have ever used.

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  • 'andsome Andy

    What a sesh young fella! Tip top! Very wise fishing for one of so few years. Stay on the Cheshire matey, it’s top gear.

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