Tips Tricks And Edges - Cheshire Particle

Tips Tricks And Edges - Cheshire Particle

We all make mistakes at times, and one typically made by many anglers is overlooking particle on the hair as their hook bait; while another, is believing the boilie is more attractive to the fish. This couldn't be further from the truth. Why would anyone place a bed of chosen particle mix out and then sit a boilie on top or popped up over it?

We don’t doubt this won’t work but with weary riggy fish, this could spell danger, as it's completely different to what else is on the spot, sticking out like a sore thumb (red alert), and probably bigger. In our opinion we see this could be a costly mistake because how many more bites could have happened if the hook bait matched the feed mix, blending in with what else is out there and not appear like a warning sign.

Fish tend to patrol around picking up scattered boilies at its own free will, but when faced with a bed of particle they cannot resist burying their heads in to graze and grub picking up the hook bait in the process---through the camouflage of similar shape size and colour to the preferred mix. There are many who mix boilie with particle, which then this becomes another direction of dimension sitting perfectly with either particle or boilie on the hair, giving a contrast to both approaches. Why not try particle on the hair if you’re feeding a bed of it. More and more anglers are turning to particle as the cheaper option nowadays.

Since the introduction of the PVA Capsule, we have had fantastic results, a brilliant concept, as well as versatile in the process. (Easier and faster loading and filling within seconds with whatever for added attraction). You choose what to put in, as to where the preferred bait, liquid, oil or paste does not need to be PVA friendly because they hold up well. Even filling them in the rain is achievable, as they’re thicker in diameter, where the breakdown rate is anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes depending on your filling, and of course the water temperature, flow and conditions you’re fishing in. 

Images below show their versatility along with fillings of different baits and oil.



They are fast and efficient for filling and can be threaded down the hook-link, or, hooked on through the body and cap, perfectly aerodynamic, so casting is fine. They’re ideal, for weedy venues where they can be cast and smashed through the weed. A unique piece of kit... simple to use, takes minutes off bag/ mesh filling time thus allowing you to get them back out on the spot within seconds.

Sadly another overlooked element is paste whereas 5 years ago it was a big part of nearly every angler’s armoury, but new bait developments, inventions and formulas have put an end to that, and paste is ignored.

Anglers of all codes, match anglers; carp and river anglers would see paste as a necessity and never be without it, and why not, with it being such a versatile product. Paste gives the angler options to use how they like. Typical usage is wrapping around the boilie, dropping or catapulting balls out to specific spots, soluble and pliable breaking down releasing attraction taste and colour, along with fragments or components used to create out into the water and its columns. Hemp paste remains a firm favourite along with cheese and chilli paste (coming soon) of which it had a devastating effect when used. Don’t ignore a product that can possibly give you the edge.

 All angling situations, approaches, codes and conditions need assessing beforehand. Watercraft and knowledge are essential before any bait, trick or tactic is applied, and that it is executed correctly for all this to work effectively.

Remember, there's no wonder bait and neither rig. Nonetheless if you apply and execute right, it betters the chance of catching your quarry or target making your fishing experience most enjoyable, after all, fishing is a passion, a pass time, a moment of relaxation and fun.

Hope our tips tricks and edges help you in your quest of catching fish. These insights we believe can help you. Not everyone has their own way of doing things nevertheless, enjoy what you do and remember bank time is precious time... good luck.

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