Under Dr's Orders - By Tim Childs

Under Dr's Orders - By Tim Childs

I left you at the end of my last blog around the end of March and with the weather improving slightly in April I felt it was at last time to venture out onto my favoured Cheshire Mere for the last couple of weeks if the season before its annual shutdown.
Unfortunately, I got side tracked by my good friend Tony for a week or so with a couple of single overnight social trips to another venue and even though we managed a couple of fish I just had to get back on the Mere ASAP!
Time was ticking away quickly and I soon realised I had made a massive error by not fishing it sooner. Add to the fact that about of illness and then worrying hospital appointments kept me busy it was any wonder I managed to get out at all.  Finally, i got myself together and planned a 24 hour session. Arriving one Sunday evening in mid-April i was lucky enough to see a nice dark 20lb mirror being photographed and the lads fishing informed me there were in fact a few more carp in the area. Finding a suitable plot a few swims further down the bank I set about sorting the rods out for the night. Simple Slip D pop up rigs utilising the RMTec size 6 Curves and 25lb soft coated hooklink completed the setup.
The night passed quickly with just a couple of line bites to show for my efforts but at 6 am the left hand rod simply roared off. After a good fight in the shallow water I soon had a lovely looking mid 20lb mirror sulking safely in the net. Happy days, I was more than pleased as I lifted her up for the pictures a short while later.

Despite my early success the next couple of sessions proved fruitless and before I new it April was at an end and the venue closed down. As always the spring had been full of various shows and exhibitions up and down the Country to attend and this year I got to help out at all of them that RidgeMonkey attended. I have to say we had another great show season and the fun and games was as usual, in full flow. The prognosis from the GP was not as bad as expected and after a number of tests and being prodded and poked from a variety of angles thankfully I got the all clear. A change of diet and a little rest were the consultant's advice and like music to my ears I intended to follow his instructions to the letter!

With the show season out of the way I decided a few sessions on a large club lake at the start of May would fit my needs perfectly. With a couple of day sessions under my belt and a few tench falling to my PVA bag tactics I changed back to a more standard lead clip arrangement. The tactic worked perfectly no more tincas and the next bite turned out to be the queen of the pond at 37lb 8oz.


A repeat capture but still a lovely fish to see again. As most of you know the warmer weather was on the increase at the time and like most venues, the weed sprung up virtually overnight. The addition of tons of the green stuff as expected made the fishing tricky to say the least, but I was determined to plough on and keep plugging away. I had recently switched over to a combination of two different boilies, mixing them together 50/50. Added to the new boilie mix I started to apply good helpings of Cheshire Particle baits hemp/peanut kernels and SS3 mixture and a small quantity of chopped tiger nuts,       this gave me a combination I have ultimate faith in. The start of June again proved tricky and with spawning activities going on sporadically for a few weeks I just found it difficult to make any headway. Despite the ups and downs and finding the fish in a very peculiar mood I kept at it and after a couple of overnight trips catching tench I finally got a result.
 Traps are set

It was a mid week overnight trip when I next got lucky and after finding a few fish in amongst some weed beds at 70 yards range. There ran a lovely clean silty area just beyond that and this is were I positioned all three rods.
A 10lb bream had me awake at 4am and after recasting I jumped back in the sleeping bag and rolled over to try and catch another 40 winks. One of the other rods let out a few bleeps from the Delkim a couple of hours later and on bending into it I knew straight away this was no brazim! Keeping pressure on due to the thick weed I soon had a decent looking mirror rolling at the net and on scooping it up I was delighted to see a lovely looking scaley banger starring right back at me!

Good to get out in Cheshire before the shut down
A real rare one and a target for most of the lads on the venue. With the weighing formalities over a couple of lads further down the bank captured the lovely creature on film and with that she was gone. The day was looking good so far and with a celebratory bacon roll and copious amounts of tea to drink I was one happy Monkey! With the thought of bacon still firmly in my mind I was interrupted by the sound of a buzzer. The right hand rod signaling another bite. This time after a slow steady fight a old and dark common came wallowing over the net cord. A crusty low 20lb common was soon having its pictures taken before she was slipped back to the depths.   


A double bacon celebration was now looming and with the rest of the morning passing by without any more action it was time to head off home. Surprisingly I was back later after a pass from the girlfriend and after rebaiting the rods and topping up the area I settled down for the night ahead. Mirrors of 26lb and 22lb had me out of bed just before first light and after just a few minutes in the retaining sling both were depositing hemp and tiger shells out all over me and the mat.

Finally, it seemed things were coming together well, the combination of the new bait and particle mix along with RidgeMonkeys excellent terminal tackle range looked a sure fire winner. Let's hope the rest of the summer continues in a similar way.

   Tim Childs.

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