With Winter In Mind- By Tim Childs

With Winter In Mind- By Tim Childs

With the cooler weather fast approaching and the Autumn Equinox only yesterday, many anglers would possibly consider dropping particle type baits from their approach in favour of a boilie only campaign. Whilst this may appear to some anglers to be a good choice there is little doubt in my mind that particles can still be utilised in the colder months and can infact help produce some excellent results even in the depths of winter which as been proven over many years. With this in mind Cheshire Particle have set about creating a couple of winter based mixes that not only are attractive but also digestible and easy for the carp to consume.
We all know how effective maggots can be in the winter so there is no doubting that the carp are happy to feed on small mass quantities of food items so by adding baits like hemp, tares, dari seeds, groats to larger classic winter particle baits like corn and you are really offering the carp a easily edible and attractive range of baits that can form the basis of your winter baiting tactics. The first of these mixes coming from Cheshire Particle combines the above mentioned baits as well as maple peas, a classic and under used particle that has been catching carp for over 5 decades along with a very effective powdered fructose based sweetener the final mix is superb and the milky leakage from the cooked groats is awesome.
As well as this excellent mix, Cheshire Particle have been working on a blend of hemp mixed with red and white groats along with dead maggots, this will appeal to a number of anglers looking for the ultimate winter particle mix combining the superb pull of maggots along with classic hemp and milky dyed groats once more.  Whilst both these mixes are in the early stages be assured that they will be ready and available to order in the next month or so.
I have also been using the SS3 winter blend all year that was released last year and this mix as served me very well indeed, even in the summer months it's worked brilliant for me, again this mix as the fructose included offering the sweetness that all carp love and of course salt which this blend also as giving the title SS3 (sweet n salty). All the mixes created from Cheshire Particle are made fresh and only use quality components in their mixes and will serve you well all year round but these new mixes are predominantly aimed at the winter as using the smaller softer components are much more easily taken and digested. 

Like many anglers I love to use boilies both in summer and winter but during the colder months usually find myself fishing with smaller 10mm sized baits or chopping larger ones to create those smaller food items. By mixing both small or chopped attractive boilies with the superb qualities of a digestible particle bait you are offering the best qualities of both types of baits. Feed in sensible amounts and I'm sure your catches will improve.

Keep an eye out for news updates for further information on these new mixes from Cheshire Particle.

Tim Childs

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