With Winter In Mind - By Tim Childs

With Winter In Mind - By Tim Childs

Looking out of the window as I write this you wouldn't think we were just a few weeks away from Christmas. The lovely late autumnal weather has meant the usual cold snap of early November has yet to arrive. With this in mind now is a great time to look at your winter bait requirements and choose something that fulfil's a number of critical points. The new winter blends from Cheshire Particle have been designed not only to offer great attraction but to also be digestible and stimulate. By adding proven winter winners like corn, groats and maggots cold water specials if you like to already excellent mixes you add another dimension to these baits

. My early trials at the start of the autumn with a couple of mixes proved instant success with a number of fish banked on my very first outing, now I can confidently add these to my already favoured SS3 winter blend that had served me very well even in the summer months to all my winter fishing.

By offering a mix of small easy to eat food items you not only home in on the carps sense of preoccupation but you also give them food items that are easily digestible and pass through their systems quickly. An important aspect when the water temperatures begin to plummet. Another important aspect of using small attractive food items is the fact that they usually attract small fish i.e roach, bream or even tench to feed. The simple fact that a carp may find the feeding activity of these other species an attraction can only be a good thing in the winter. After all you are trying to stimulate a possibly lethargic creature into feeding strongly enough to make a mistake with your hook bait. Anything that helps that can only be of benefit.  If you've not tried particle type baits before or you are looking for a range of baits with that something extra, then take a look at the winter blend range from Cheshire Particle, you'll not be disappointed.
Hemp And Maggots go together superbly.

All the new winter blends are available in 2.5 kilo sized portions while most are also available in PVA friendly versions too, they are the perfect addition to any winter carp anglers bait armoury as they are in mine.

A lovely Autumn mirror while testing the new winter blends.

A lovely cold water mirror that fell to a bait presented over a bed of Hemp and Maggots

Tim Childs.

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