About us

Hi my name is Mark and for many years have been an avid angler of carp fishing and in particular, the use of particle baits. I would like to share some things.

We are a family run business of three brothers and my loving partner of which we strive to bring you high quality fully prepared products at the very best prices along with a few other products that don't need cooking or preparing too.
Being a small family run business does not detour the quality and amounts we can produce on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, in fact it aids us making sure we fulfil our aims in bringing you the right products at the right price and of course on time as and when you need it with full customer service to assist you if you do wish to ask us or find out about anything or products we produce.

about us

During my fishing years I have learned what works and what doesn’t, although as we all know, most waters react to different baits in all kinds of conditions. However, nothing is guaranteed for catching carp. Nonetheless, knowledge is power, and combined with a pulling power bait there’s every possibility of a catch.

We offer best quality ingredients at competitive prices. Some companies promise free delivery, with products, so not true in many cases. Our delivery cost is separated from each individual product. You get the actual price you pay for your particular products or service.

After rigorous testing of our baits, the outcome brought amazing results, which inspired Cheshire Particle to bring you its range of natural particle, nut and pulse range.

Our particle range first transpired through Beechwood Baits Ltd where we were allowed to use their website services. They are a much-recognised company. and have an outstanding reputation for supplying quality HNV carp baits and boilies. We continue to follow the same policy this present day also continuing a great relationship between both companies.

Our ingredients are sourced mainly from local businesses in and around Cheshire making sure quality is of the essence, supplying to fisheries, tackle shops and the public up and down the country on a daily basis while also securing high profile sponsorship's and aiding charity in the process. What’s unique about Cheshire Particles particle? Because after all its been around for years, nevertheless, we are proud to say due to our pulling power products and other products we introduce along the way, they are continuing to catch carp making an anglers fishing experience hopefully a successful one.

Our Particles are as natural as possible and no man-made preservatives are present in our products, prepared and cooked to the guidelines ensuring fish welfare is of the highest importance, creating a fantastic food source of which all fish species cannot resist just to get their heads down and grub around among the natural seeds nuts and pulses we supply……………..with 100% Quality 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. More about us and our particle here