Shipping/Delivery and Collection

Shipping, Delivery and Collection

Shipping And Delivery: We advise you to keep all particle and nuts frozen if not used within 24 hours of delivery but will last a week if stored correctly out of the sun and heat in a cool dry place, as everything produced by us are as natural as can possibly be and contain no man made preservatives. preservatives are used in our PVA friendly range and my be used in future products but only Himalayan Rock salt which is a natural product. We do also have a bucket range too so please check when ordering the from the bucket range. Some items may come frozen such as snails when in stock (seasonal product) please defrost correctly allowing enough time to thaw before your fishing trip or adventure and we vow to complete our orders in 7 working days of order purchase and then a day for shipping but this does not account for any courier issues which is totally out of our hands when your order as left us where we send by next day courier service on completion of order as we are supplying a perishable product.

The delivery is your responsibility once it's left us and your responsibility to take the correct measures for receiving your delivery from our courier, you will receive an email confirmation after you have placed your order and an email of fulfilment of order with a tracking number attached and an email or text from our courier with a time slot of your delivery on the day.

We offer you the option to have particle or nut left out of any chosen mix or blend and replaced with another preferred particle product supplied by us.

Shipping And Delivery

Some items may differ in price so please be aware of this. All Cheshire particle and nuts are prepared and cooked to the guidelines ensuring fish welfare, care and nutrition is paramount at Cheshire Particle.

Our products are packed and sealed in bags of 2.5 kg portions unless otherwise stated by you the customer. Except the Sloppy Spod mix, which is packed and shipped in 2.5L buckets and our range of black, White, and tiger nut trio which are potted in 300ml pots and 1kg portions also our PVA friendly range which comes n 1500ml jars.

If you desire products to be packaged another way then feel free to contact us prior to shipping, or on placement of your order, also leaving a note in the notes section on the product itself.

Every order will be shipped by next day delivery as the product is a perishable product via the courier or Royal Mail if under 1.99kg on completion of your order. Shipping costs are calculated by us to comply with courier guidelines at their present day price plans. Orders will be shipped and tracked by APC.

Please allow 8 working days for orders to be delivered. Please also allow plenty of time and give notice when planning a fishing trip or adventure. This will give you plenty of time to receive your order. Also be aware we do not ship on a weekend or bank holidays so please calculate this into the time you need to receive your order,and always factor in bank holidays as this will delay orders further. We also do allow collection in person with prior notice where orders still need 7 working days for completion.

Note about Shipping And Delivery: While in the check out process please tick applicable box to ensure orders and shipping costs are applied correctly.

Should a mistake occur during this process Cheshire Particle will be unable to process the order. Should you experience difficulty during this operation please contact Admin during business hours, or, emails us at… More about our Natural products